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Software Systems Engineer / Computer Programmer SME
Title:Software Systems Engineer / Computer Programmer SME
Location:Annapolis, MD
Clearance:Background Check

Netorian is seeking a Software Systems Engineer / Computer Programmer SME.

Employment Type:

  • Full-time, exempt.


  • Competitive, based on qualifications and experience.


  • Annapolis, MD. Telecommute/Remote work option may be available.


  • None.


  • Background check.


  • Bachelor’s Degree from an accredited college or university in the specific discipline required by the State. A Master’s Degree or Ph.D. Degree is preferred.



  • At least twelve (12) years of relevant industry (Election) experience in the discipline is required.


  • At least ten (10) years of combined new and related older technical experience in the IT field directly related to the required area of expertise.
  • Election experience is preferred.

Description of Work:

Election Test Environments and On-Site Support:

  • Creation of test platforms – Servers, VPNs, VMs, Cerberus, ODBC, etc.
  • Linux Server running Rapid7/Nexpose, SSH communicates with Linux VM through Putty
  • Web backup services at Archives, Coop.
  • Koniag web server configuration for AEMS and alternative reporting plans.
  • Task Scheduler maintenance.
  • Configure ES&S EW, ERM, and Exp for mock election and parallel testing in AEMS.
  • Assist with configuration and testing of any upgraded voting system election management components.
  • Configuring accounts and SFTP services outside of the server for file transfer for AEMS and alternative reporting plans.
  • Maintaining and upgrading of VBS Scripts, rewriting oracle stored procedures for alternative reporting plans.
  • Generating and producing historical election information for the purposes of testing AEMS.
  • Attend meetings to review strategies for upgrading of servers.
  • Archiving Support.
  • Disaster Recovery plans / logs – RoboCopy, IIS.
  • Review data contained in views and remove and protect PII.
  • Microsoft Server OS Configuration, Support, and Update.
  • As requested, build infrastructure for alternative reporting plans.
  • On Site support based upon need.

AEMS Documentation Review / Election Testing:

  • Review AEMS design specifications and plans.
  • Produce additional documentation and attend meetings when required.
  • Validate data to support definition of ballots.
  • Web Candidate Listings.
  • Definition of ballots – vacancy issues / collapsing of styles / 8.7 IDs without sequence order (not reassigned but first part is a contest code) What if new contest part is added / modified after election has been started and candidates have been filed.
  • Assist with review and validation of Ballot Styles Summary Reports – page with and without consolidations vs. page with and without precinct styles used.
  • Assist with review and validation of Modified Candidate IDs report to track insertions, deletions, and modified candidate filings during ballot definition process.
  • EW – creation of ballot artwork / comparing AEMS ballot definition with EW paper ballot styles
  • Assist with review and validation of Reordering the ballot styles.
  • Review and validate NFBMD files.
  • Review and validate printer’s listing.
  • Review and validate MDVOTERS information – poll book files are created from this imported information.
  • Create zeroed XML files and CSV election result files for NR (not reported) HTML pages.
  • Assist with the generation of sample staged election data.
  • Import and test L&A data within AEMS.
  • Also, use data from previous elections to generate identical results – no regressions in procedures.
  • Setup Election Results for alternative reporting plans.
  • Import Election Results for alternative reporting plans.
  • Review and validate AEMS post-election documentation (including commissions and canvassing the results).
  • Test replacement Write-In entry module.
  • Review and validate Export election results as CSV Files.
  • Review and validate Marking an election official.
  • Review and validate Importing of election results (win, unopposed, unsuccessful) into MDVOTERS Candidate System to promote candidates into general election.

Miscellaneous Support:

  • Test and Review SQL field is not null behaving differently from no value in the field.
  • Ensure Pre-filed candidates or Pending Candidate Authorizations – No Filings showing in alternative reporting plans.
  • Add Web template updates as needed in alternative reporting plans.
  • Suppress duplicate candidate records in alternative reporting plans.
  • Test and Review Bilingual ballot language updates – special handling of Specific Characters (en-nays, accents, etc.).
  • Test and Review Multi-county contests showing different candidate orders on ballots or when contests are separated by jurisdictions.
  • Test and Review splits that do not matter, e.g. ‘99’ split used instead in Talbot County.
  • Test and Review Candidates merged because multiple IDs have been assigned in MDVOTERS.
  • Test and Review Council and/or Commission’s district are being properly reported for all jurisdictions in AEMS.
  • Test and Review usage of Special characters in ballot issues – question text – web display – e.g. cent symbols.
  • Test and Review inclusion of all write-in candidates at the time of set up of election results and handling of missed write-in candidate (e.g. a candidate’s party designation).
  • Test and Review Candidate Election Results with ties / tracking of close races to less than 1%.
  • Monitor AEMS interfaces in particular with split codes from MDVOTERS.
  • Monitoring Web Server Backup scripts running scheduled tasks.
  • Test and Review handling of Duplicate / Triplicate candidate IDs assigned to the same candidate.
  • Insert new reporting in AEMS for Unopposed Candidates and No Candidates need to be listed by Office Name and District and Jurisdiction (local offices).
  • Insert new reporting in AEMS for Listing of all contests that have a nomination vacant – i.e. EW import file generates these lists.
  • Test and Review for bad data in alternative reporting plans (e.g. Facebook URL accounts).
  • Test and Review Party Designated vs. Regular on CC Judge in General Election Only.
  • Test and Review Clerks can live in one district and file in another district (NOT State-Filed).
  • Test and Review Removal of candidates who have only pre-filed.
  • Test and Review Collapsing of Ballot Styles caused by vacancies in one or more subdistricts of a Legislative District.
  • Test and Review “No candidates in contest” added to ballot definition report for some local offices added – e.g. Carroll’s 2018 county commissioners in some districts or Prince George’s legislators in subdistricts 38B / 38C.
  • Test and Review time to generate ballots, import election results, etc. in AEMS compared to legacy EMS.
  • Test and Review length of ballot definition reports, etc. in AEMS compared to legacy EMS.
  • Test and Review English vs. Ingles in languages.txt file for EW import issue.
  • Test and Review when district changes to a non-Multi-County contest race after being Multi-County contest and impact after initial ballot definitions have been completed.
  • Test and Review how to handle the removal of candidate based on a court ruling after ballots were generated, finalized – SQL deletion instead of re-defining affected ballot(s) e.g. C916 in B City 2018.

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Netorian offers a complete benefits package that includes medical/dental/vision, a 401(k), tuition assistance, paid holidays and vacation. Netorian is an Equal Opportunity Employer (EOE): Minorities, Women, Veterans, and those with Disabilities.


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